Brain hierarchy centre


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Discovery of hierarchy centre in brain


In March 2006 I proposed the existence of a primate/vertebrate brain centre responsible for the management of social status. This is required by the default hypothesis as there must be a deep seated neurological means of individuals bonding with the 'group leader'. I posted this further hypothesis on the newsgroup .Science biology evolution


By 2008 MRI research indicated the existence of such a centre in or near the amygdala both in humans and macaques.


 April 2008 Zinc et al found evidence for the centre in humans

  Human Brain Appears 'Hard Wired' for Hierarchy


Roger Highfield discussed the implications in the Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph: Social Status is hard-wired into our brains


 2014 Noonan et al found the centre in macaques

  A Neural Circuit Covarying with Social Hierarchy in Macaques



Updated 2/4/2019