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Historically, the use of the word religion to denote a separate sphere of human activity would appear to be a recent development and then only in a limited set of cultures.  


Looking at humans as a zoologist, taking a systems approach and applying Occam’s razor I would suggest that all human social or group forming behaviour is elicited from the same neurologically based, genetically determined or hard-wired mechanisms.  My proposal is that this is that described in the default hypothesis: a selfish default and a conditional group based secondary mode.   


Social behaviour without a rule of law is still possible - it is based upon the default mode with self-interest, family ties and a dominance hierarchy determining social interactions.  Put simply, humans form gangs who use force to gain what they want in competition with other gangs.  As in a wolf-pack the strongest individual dominates the group through force and the size of the group is determined by how many individuals can be coerced into obeying one leader.








Updated 8/1/2010